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Sound Engineering, DJ, Film Music, Radio Jockey, Recording Arts and Music Production

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Sound Engineering, DJ, Film Music, Radio Jockey and Arts & Production of Music

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Sound Engineering, DJ, Film Music, Radio Jockey and Arts & Production of Music

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"Awarded for skill learning program of the year at the 10th National Indian Education Awards 2020,"


These wonderful Accolades helped us to do much BETTER for our students.

2016 Leaders Awards (Education) for achieving School of Innovation & value based Education Award (Karnataka) in association with 24 MRC held on 21st May 2016

Future of India Award for Excellence in Education and Achievement 2016 in association with CNBC TV18 & 1000 Petals held on 05th April 2016

“Best Sound Engineering in South India” at the India Education Awards 2017 held on 16th February 2017

“Academic Leadership Award 2016/17” at Middleeast Asia Leadership Summit organised by World Leadership Federation held on 23rd February 2017

India 5000 Best MSME awardee - 2017 for outstanding contribution in quality and excellence, in realm of customer satisfaction.

Leading Sound Engineering Institute of the year (South India) at WBR Corp’s Leadership Summit 2018

Franchise India’s Entrepreneur India Award 2018 for Entrepreneru of the Year in service business - training

India SME 100 Awards 2018 for scoring in the top 100 in the overall evaluation of Financial and Non Financial Parameters amongst 33102 nominations.

Skill Learning Program of the year award at the 10th National Indian Education Awards 2020, presented by Nopeperforms

“International GOAL Achiever Award 2020 for Best School of Sound Engineering and Students’ Placement Services

Rashtriya Shiksha Ratan award by National Achievers Recognition Forum, New Delhi, in recognition of sterling Merit Excellent Performance and Out-standing contribution for the progress of the nation & worldwide.

OUTSTANDING HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTE IN SKILL TRAINING' award by APAC News Network (Asia Pacific) in Association with Education Department (Govt of Gujarat),Telangana State Higher & Technical Education Department

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AudioLife trains aspiring, passionate and dedicated audio personalities to the industry standards by providing them Electronic sound Education with the latest Industry Technology. We offer education and training in Sound Engineering, Electronic Music Production and Disc Jockeying which can be taken up as a part-time course or a Full-time course.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

There are several top-notch sound engineering courses available, making it challenging to single out one as the definitive best. However, programs like Audio Life’s Audio Engineering Course and Music Engineering Course are highly regarded. These courses offer comprehensive training in audio engineering and music production, equipping students with the necessary skills to excel in the field. Ultimately, the best course depends on individual preferences and career goals.

Yes, sound engineering is a promising career option. With the demand for professional sound engineers in various industries, pursuing sound engineering courses, including online sound engineering courses and music engineering courses, can provide a solid foundation. These courses equip individuals with essential skills in audio production, mixing, and mastering, opening doors to exciting opportunities in music production, film, television, gaming, and more. A career in sound engineering offers creativity, technical expertise, and potential for growth in a dynamic industry.

Sound engineering offers numerous benefits. By enrolling in live sound engineering courses or online sound engineering courses, individuals gain valuable skills to excel in the field. These include audio mixing, recording, and mastering techniques. Sound engineering allows professionals to work in diverse industries like music, film, and broadcasting. It offers opportunities for creativity, technical expertise, and the chance to collaborate with talented artists. Additionally, sound engineers enjoy the satisfaction of creating immersive sound experiences and contributing to memorable productions.

To become an audio engineer, certain skills are crucial. Enrolling in a sound engineering course, music engineering course, or audio engineering courses can help develop these skills. Proficiency in recording, mixing, and mastering techniques is essential. Additionally, a solid understanding of sound equipment, signal flow, and acoustics is necessary. Problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and strong communication skills are also vital. Finally, staying updated with industry trends and software advancements is crucial for a successful career as an audio engineer.

Absolutely, audio engineering is an excellent career choice. By completing audio engineering courses, sound engineering courses, or even an online sound engineering course, individuals gain the necessary skills for a rewarding profession. With the demand for high-quality audio production in various industries like music, film, gaming, and broadcasting, audio engineers enjoy a wide range of career opportunities. The field offers creative expression, technical expertise, and the chance to work with talented artists and cutting-edge technology, making it an exciting and fulfilling career option.




Had a best time, best school to learn about music and its technical aspect in details.


I gained a very good knowledge about sound. We had a lots of fun during classes good coaching, good staff members good professionalism.

Dennis Paul kerketta

I had a good time in AudioLife, had a good knowledge about sound, gain a lots of experience, good faculties had a good supports from all the faculties. Just completed my course in Sound Engineering with Music Production

Prithish Rai

Had a great year at AudioLife developing new skill & discovering my abilities with the help of amazing teachers. It was an amazing experience.

Snell S Pereira

Awesome being a student of AudioLife. It was a life changing experience and I learnt a lot of many new things in Music

Akash Paul Tirkey

Had a great time learning and exploring new things in the field of Music. Very good teachers and faculty members. Thanks for this experience.

Arjun Subhash

I had a wonderful year at AudioLife. Learnt all the essentials to step out into the world and start my career. I would like to thank everyone in the AudioLife family and Institute for their support and great facilities. Thank you and I would love to be part of this family for life.

Jobin John

AudioLife is the place where if you have the ears of music, they provide you with the most opt guidance and friendly approach to help you reach your goals. The experience of learning is as professional as the equipments. Had a wonderful time with the faculties.

Harshit Hillol Gogoi

A great place to learn all aspects of audio and the teacher went extra length to explain all the prospects of the course. Extra knowledge was also imparted through regular workshops which just knows how committed this institution in the teaching.

Furtado Davin Paul

It was good experience learning different subjects on audio engineering. Using various tools to mix, record and master was fun. Thanks for the experience.

Mehek R Garasia

A very good experience and I got a chance to learn a lot of new things and meet a lot of new people. The staff and the faculty are very helpful. Thank you.

Neal Shenai

The best part of studying in Audiolife was the opportunity to interact with people with different perspective and mindsets. I got to learn and absorb different experience .Got to get up close and personal with some basic equipments and gear which was really helpful as well.


Had a lot of exposure to identify standard equipments and technology.Thank you very much.

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