PREMIK JOLLY   Guest Faculty

Premik Jolly is a guitarist, composer, live artist and producer based in Bangalore. He owns and manages Area 51 Productions, a studio where he records and produces electronic and heavy metal music. He has been playing guitar since the age of 7. He plays lead guitar in one of India's oldest and well-known metal bands, 'Threinody'.

Since 2012, He began producing and recording local metal bands at his studio. He has worked with:

  1. Millenium
  2. Dying Embrace
  3. Lucid Dreams
  4. Neolithic Silence
  5. Djinn & Miskatonic
  6. Shepherd

He produces and records electronica and psychedelic music under the alias "Prematron". His music has been released by the label Soundkraft Records, based in Australia. He is a part of the Mafaiza Live Project which also features Mafaiza and Anushka Manchanda. They headlined at Sunburn 2012 Goa.

Soundcloud -
Mafaiza live project -
Threinody -

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