Disc Jockeying

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Learning Modules

Duration: 2 Months, 3 Days a Week, 2 Hrs/session
  • What is DJing?(History)
  • Structure of music (Showing different genres)
  • Introduction to Equipments
  • Video Sessions
  • Revision of session 1
  • Cueing & Beat matching (Material CD’s)
  • Video sessions
  • Revision of session 2.
  • Cueing & Beat matching using music CD’s.
  • Tempo Mixing.
  • Video sessions.
  • Revision of session 3
  • Levels/ Equalization / Gain.
  • Video sessions.
  • Revision of session 4
  • Using cross faders & volume faders for mixing.
  • Using Microphones.
  • Video sessions.
  • Revision of session 5.
  • Using effects.
  • Different styles of mixing.
  • Video sessions.
  • Revision of complete 6 sessions.
  • Practice recording session for final recording can be used between the 4hrs allotted practice sessions between the weekdays of session 7 & session 8.
  • Final recording & result.
  • Levels/ Equipments /Gain.
  • Video sessions.
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Our Mission is to make Music education affordable and accessible to everyone and create the best talents in the field of Electronic Music Production.

Our Vision is to become the most trusted Sound Engineering and Music Production Institute across the globe.

Why Us?

  • World class standard state-of-art equipments and acoustics at our studio
  • Industry trained and qualified professional mentors
  • Exclusive courses to meet demands of entertainment and media industry
  • Course completion certificate by Mix Music Academy.

Job Opportunities

The role of the club DJ is to entertain the audience by providing music as per the ambience and crowd.
The radio disc jockeys are the ones who play music on various radio programs for the listeners. Apart from music, the radio jockeys also entertain the listeners by their jokes, news updates, weather forecasting reports, traffic reports, etc. 
The mobile DJ is responsible to entertain comparatively small gatherings as family parties, marriages, birthday parties, and other events to engage and entertain the people. 
The DJs can also become a club promoter for nightlife events. This will bring extra income and increase your common circle.
The work of a turntablist presents his raw skill, clever transitions, and impressive tricks that draw the attention of the audience. Many people attend the performance of such DJs due to their good reputation, creativity, and skills. 
The experienced DJs can become music producers and release their own track. By making music the DJs can also earn music royalties and make many followers. 
The writing opportunities are also there for the DJs who are creative and love writing. The DJs can get a job as music journalists and earn money by writing articles and music blogs for various websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this course about?

Disc Jockey will make you to learn the Art of Music and unleash your creativity. Participating in this program gives you a wide knowledge about flawless music Mixing techniques and you would also understand about different music structures in the Electronic Dance Music Industry.

What is the certification we get upon completion of course ?

Upon Successful completion of the Disc Jockeying Course students are entitled to be conferred with Mix Music Academy certification.

What is this course duration?

The Disc Jockeying course is for 2 months. 3 days in a week : 2 hrs each session.

What skills are required to make a career in Disc Jockeying?

To become a successful DJ in India, the candidate should have a good sense of music, knowledge about the equipment used in different genres of music, a sense of properly mixing the different soundtracks, and excellent communication skills.

What are the remuneration prospects of a Disc Jockeying career in India?

The initial income of a fresher disc jockey is approx. Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per night. However, experienced DJs can earn up to Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 70,000 per night. Generally, the hotel clubs pay Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 a month to the DJs.

Do you provide any placement support?

The Disc Jockeying is a 2 months course. On Successfully completing the course we provide placement assistance along with campus internships*.



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